It's "O.K." Green

All Purpose Citrus Cleaner 100% Biodegradable

It’s O.K. Green is a professional strength all purpose cleaner based on d-Limonene, the safe, citrus solvent. It’s O.K. Green contains no phosphates, caustic, acid, butyl, or any petroleum solvents. It’s O.K. Green is a safe, modern formulation that is powerful, yet safe on the environment and always leaves a pleasant orange scent. Always test for color fastness. Always wear gloves and eye protection to prevent drying of skin and possible eye irritation from splashing.

It’s O.K. Green should not be used straight. Always dilute with water. Dilute 1 part It’s O.K. Green to 10 parts water. Use for automotive interiors, tires, motors, truck bodies, industrial equipment, marine and aircraft cleaning applications. Also, for all janitorial applications such as floors, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
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It's "O.K." Green

Professional Strength

Multi-purpose / multi-use

100% Biodegradable