Products as a Service

Ardex Labs offers more than just chemical detailing products and accessories; we offer decades of experience in your industry to make your job easier, more efficient, and cost effective. Our sales and support staff will equip you with the knowledge to take on the toughest tasks ‐ whether you are a high volume auctionhouse or fleet‐operator, spot delivering a luxury sedan, or ceramic coating an exotic sports car, Ardex can help you focus on bringing new business ‐ rather than focusing on vendors.

Quality and Service

Ardex provides safe products, competitively priced, delivered on time, of the highest quality, and – most important to us – the best and most effective formulations on the market. Then add training; we live on providing quality training to our customers.

Ardex provides comprehensive product training to all Ardex customers, upon request.


Today, safety is paramount.  From the perspective of the businesses we are partnering with, it is the most important factor.  The Ardex “Trinity Program” is a great example of that philosophy.

Professional chemistry for professional use.


Range of products is critical simply because detailing is not limited to one type of business.  It includes top of the line detail centers, dealerships, dealership service providers, production reconditioning at auction centers, and even fleet operations.  It also includes car washing operations, marine and aviation detailing, and more.  Much more.  Every application requires custom fitted products.  There cannot be “one size fits all”.

We’ve been there, done that.

We have seen many changes in our industry over the past half-century.  Automotive paints and surface components have created challenges and opportunities that Ardex has been more than up to.  From early enamel and lacquer finishes to chrome bumpers, from vinyl tops to white wall tires, from acid rain to quick waxes, and from specialty compounds to ceramic coatings, we have seen it all and developed the unique formulations to fix problems and make the work safer, easier, faster and better.  It’s a constant evolution and a constant challenge and Ardex is up to the task.

Why we stay on top.

Speaking of products, that’s where the magic is.  Better chemistry, from better chemists, makes The Better Solution™.  Ardex leads the industry in the development of unique and interesting product concepts that make end results happen faster, easier, and more effectively. Our products are used by everyone from independent mobile detailers all the way to high end custom-shops prepping vehicles for nationwide television commercials.  Ardex continually improves its’ product offerings, constantly evaluating results not only against its own products, but the industry at large – improving at every step of the way.