Liquid Marine 1000™

Specially developed for marine use

Liquid Marine 1000™ was developed for use on both gelcoat or marine two-part paints. Liquid Marine 1000™ uses advanced abrasives that provide the broadest buffing capability with minimal swirls. It is formulated for removing 1000-grit and finer sanding scratches from both gel-coat and acrylic/polyurethane painted surfaces. Liquid Marine 1000™ excels at repairing paint defects, removing oxidation, surface abrasions, and environmental damage while bringing the finish to a beautiful shine.

Available in 1 Gallon and 32oz containers

Always prepare the surface first by removing scum and grit by using an effective cleaner like PF Wave™. Depending on surface finish, use either a clean foam or wool pad at 2500 RPM. For bes t results, continue buffing just beyond when a shine is produced. Be sure to protect the shine with a durable protective coating like Ocean Polymer™.
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Key Features

For lightly oxidized or scratched surfaces

Easy to use

Compatible with a wide range of pads

Specially designed to reduce chatter

Performs even in extremely hot and humid weather

Economically priced