The Correctables

The Correctables series is our most innovative and premium product, designed for use with today’s modern dual-action orbital polishing machines. Compatible with ceramic-coatings and UV cured finishes in a body-shop-safe formulation. Each product within the Correctables series is designed to set up a perfect environment for the next step in your surface correction or protection process. Correctables will give you superior results in record time. Whether you are cutting wet-sanding scratches with 1000 or holograms with 3000, you and your clients will be impressed with this product’s performance. Variable Grit and Molecular Friction Technology work in concert to provide cutting and polishing with impressive overlap between products.

See bottle for usage instructions.
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Key Features

Performance Compounding

Designed specifically for Orbital compounding machines

Designed as a full-system

Silicone free, body shop and paint shop safe

Professional product for professional use