Miami Shine™

A Liquified Paste Wax with Carnauba Wax and Banana Oil

Designed to work in Miami heat and Miami humidity. All the benefits of a great carnauba paste wax without the work. Faster on, faster off. No streaks. Looks, feels, lasts like a real paste wax. Works like a quick wax but isn’t one.

Shake well separation is normal. After vehicle has been pre-cleaned, use a clean applicator or orbital polisher, apply evenly. For the best possible results, we recommend using an Ardex Claymore #A200-01 before applying Miami Shine. Apply to 1⁄2 of the vehicle. Must use a clean micro fiber towel to remove after hazing has occurred.
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Key Features

High carnauba wax content

Refined banana oil and detergent resistant polymers

Miami Shine will withstand many lot washes

New Car/Used Car perfect finish or not

Works on hot surface, in the sun, on a rainy day

For retail detailing and showroom presentation