Spot Delivery™

New Car Optical Brightener

For better looking showroom cars and a better looking CSI, use Spot Delivery every day. The optical brightener in this Incredible product makes the difference! Spot Delivery is excellent for everything from showroom maintenance, new car delivery, lot vehicles, waterless car wash, and much more! Use Spot Delivery in your showroom to remove finger prints or smudges, and make the showroom smell great in the process.

Use a clean, soft towel. Fold evenly in squares. Spray a very light mist onto one section at a time. Wipe once with the towel. Turn the towel and buff bright. Refold the towel to expose a clean, dry section and repeat.
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Key Features


Smells great

Waterless Car Wash

Auction Day Prep

Body Shop (between step inspection)

Service Delivery