Ocean Polymer™

Ocean Polymer is far more than just another “boat wax”. It is a salt-resistant, polymer based structure that simply will not rinse off, even in the presence of warm, salty, brackish water, during the course of the boating season. Your boats have never had it so good!

Ocean Polymer bonds to the surface with tenacity you’ve never seen before. Yes, Ocean Polymer does enhance the appearance of your boat by increasing the luster and the brightness of the gel coat. But far more importantly, it protects the finish by significantly reducing the breakdown of the outermost layer of the gel coat itself. Your finish will last longer and look better because of the application of Ocean Polymer.

1. Prepare the finish first by pressure-washing to remove gritty contaminants.
2. Buff with Marine 1000 to pre-clean the surface by removing dead paint and other surface discoloration.
3. Apply a light film of Ocean Polymer with a wax applicator or sponge to a six-foot section of the hull. Application can be done with an orbital polisher as well.
4. Allow it to dry for a few minutes and buff bright with a wool or foam polishing pad*.
5. Buff bright by removing the polymer film using a buffing speed of 1500 to 1800 rpm
* If using a brand new foam pad, the pad must be preconditioned by first soaking it in a highly-diluted solution of
all-purpose cleaner. If this is not done, the pad will “slip” on the pre-cleaned gel coat.
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Key Features

For protecting gelcoat or two-part marine paints

Easy to use

Extremely durabl

Pleasant odor

Performs even in extremely hot and humid weather

Economically priced