Super 600™

Specially developed for marine use

An aggressive compound used for the toughest jobs and to remove wetsanding marks. Comparable to 3M Super Duty Compound*. Ardex Super 600 is the perfect product for your multistep gel-coat restoration process.

Removes 600 to 1000 grit sanding scratches, does not prematurely dry on the gelcoat. Ardex Super 600 is
white in color so that it will not stain gel-coat.

Use a wool or coarse foam pad. Buff at 2500RPM. Do one small section at a time and continue buffing until a bright finish is produced.
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Key Features

For heavily oxidized or scratched surfaces

Easy to use

Compatible with a wide range of pads

Specially designed to reduce chatter

Performs even in extremely hot and humid weather

Economically priced