A Modern Yellow Paste Wax

Topaz™ is a modern yellow paste-wax. Utilizing advanced aminofunctional silicones, Topaz will form an extremely strong bond with the surface of the vehicle while producing a beautiful shine that will outlast most other waxes. Topaz is not just a caranauba wax, it is a modern hybrid sealant-wax with modern silicones for superior shine and Ultra-Violet protection.

Topaz should only be applied to a recently cleaned car with a polished-smooth finish. An oxidized finish must be paint corrected prior to Topaz’s application. Ardex recommends applying Topaz by hand, but an orbital may also be used if desired. Use a damp applicator (sponge or cloth) and apply a very light layer of Topaz to a small area. Allow the wax to dry to a haze then buff to a shine with a clean microfiber.
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Key Features

Easy to use

Beautiful shine

Great fragrance

Strong bond

UV protectant