VG Marine™

Specially developed for marine use

Once again Ardex has set the bar with the introduction of a brand new marine compound that not only cuts shallow to moderate scratches, but will also bring the surface to a brilliant shine. Your customers will never know that you used a one-step product to restore or recondition their hull. Utilizing revolutionary Variable Grit Technology developed by our lab, Ardex VG Marine shines while it cuts. The proprietary technology utilizes particles that begin coarse to cut scratches, but as the heat builds under the applicator the particles begin to breakdown – bringing the surface to a brilliant glossy shine. The transformation with just one compound is simply something that you must see and experience to believe. To protect your shine, we recommend following up with Ardex Ocean Polymer.

Always prepare the surface first by removing scum and grit by using an effective cleaner like PF Wave™. Depending on surface finish, use either a clean foam or wool pad at 2500 RPM. For bes t results, continue buffing just beyond when a shine is produced. Be sure to protect the shine with a durable protective coating like Ocean Polymer™.
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Key Features

For moderately oxidized or scratched surfaces

Easy to use

Compatible with a wide range of pads

Specially designed to reduce chatter

Performs even in extremely hot and humid weather

Economically priced