Turbo Powered Speed Wax

Ardex technology allows you to wax your vehicle quickly. Viper can be used by hand or buffer. Viper will produce a long-lasting protection on paint finishes, glass and wheels. Viper can be used on cars, boats, motorcycles or trucks. Works great on any non-porous surface including metal, glass, plastic, fiberglass, gel coat and chrome.

Shake well before using. Use on a clean surface. Spray Viper on the area to be cleaned. Work on a small area , 3′ by 3′, at a time. Wipe evenly spreading Viper with a soft, clean dry cotton cloth. Dirt lifts right off. Take another soft, dry, cotton cloth and wipe until left with a hard protective shine. If you like, use a buffer to provide an even deeper shine.
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Key Features

Just wipe, or spray on and wipe off

Paste wax durability

No residue, no dust

Safe for all types of paint

Cleans dirt, grime, bugs and road contaminants

Removes fresh graffiti