2500 Plus

Foam Pad Finishing Material

Designed to removed wet-or-dry sandpaper scratches. 2500 Plus can be used on all types of automotive finishes, including two-part color and clearcoat. 2500 Plus also eliminates swirl-marks that occur after compounding.

Use an electric or air buffer with a foam pad. Use low speed range. Do not use in direct sunlight or on a hot surface. Do not use on freshly applied acrylic enamels that have not dried for at least two days. Apply to the surface and work only a small area (two to four square feet). Spread evenly before buffing. Buff carefully without applying excess pressure. Reduce pressure on the buffer as drying occurs to allow for the gloss to develop. Remove spatter with a damp cloth. When complete, apply Ardex Body Shop Hand Glaze for extra brightness.
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