Alpha Grit

Heavy Duty Compound

ALPHA Grit is a powerful and fast acting, compounding material. The grit in Alpha Grit quickly removes even deep scratches from the finish. The fine polishing ingredients in Alpha Grit are released when the gritty particles break down and they produce an amazingly bright and shiny finish even on dark colors.

Apply to one section at a time. Use a 100% twisted wool pad. Do not use in direct sunlight or on a hot surface. Work in Alpha Grit using an even pressure at a buffer speed of 1500 rpm to start if the finish coating is soft. If the finish coating is cured or aged, start at a speed of 2000 rpm. Keep the pad flat on the surface. Continue buffing until the grittiness is gone and fine polishing begins to occur. Continue to buff lightly as the finish brightens and begins to dry. Do not use the same pad for follow-up polishing. Body shop safe.
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Alpha Grit

Body shop safe/silicone free

State of the art abrasives designed to break down in use

Less dust and sling

Will not stick on undesired surfaces—easy cleanup

Pleasant banana/melon scent

Designed for high speed buffer