Fragrance for Automobiles that Eliminates Odors and Provides a Feeling of Well Being

Aromatherapy is a new series of fragrances designed to eliminate odors found in the interiors of automobiles as well as many other applications. Along with overcoming the objectionable odor, our Aromatherapy fragrances are designed to provide a pleasant aroma and enhanced sense of well-being. Spray onto carpets, seats and air vents. Aromatherapy fragrances replace the foul odor and leave a fresh scent.

Ardex produces a series of fragrances to remove odors and provide a fresh lasting scent, Aromatherapy, Perfume Fragrances and Malodors. Aromatherapy fragrances include: MOUNTAIN SPRING-6280, HAWAIIAN BREEZE-6281, MELON BURST-6282 and COOL WATER-6283. We also have Perfume Fragrances: NEW CAR-6251, BABY POWDER-6252, STRAWBERRY-6253 and CHERRY VANILLA-6256. Malodors include: CITRUS GREEN-6270, GREEN APPLE-6271, SMOKE OUT-6272 and FRESH AIR-6273.
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