New Concept™ with Indicator

A Premium Water-Based Coating for Tires

Utilizing fortified modern hydrophobic co-polymer technology and high molecular weight silicones, New Concept aerosol yields an extremely durable high gloss shine that is capable of holding up to harsh conditions. Dissipating blue foam indicator aids in even coverage. Since New Concept is water based, sling, if any occurs, will be easy to clean and will not stain the surface like solvent based tire coatings.

Shake well. Apply to a cool and clean tire in a well ventilated area. Hold the can about 6″ away and spray directly and evenly onto the tire. For low-profile side-wall tires, hold the can closer. Allow New Concept to dry before moving vehicle. Immediately remove over-spray from vehicle or ground surfaces. CAUTION: Do NOT spray onto brake roots/drums, motorcycle seats/tires, or brake/gas pedals. Will make floors extremely slippery if not cleansed.
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Key Features

Intense foam activates on contact releasing dirt without scrubbing

Durable long lasting shine and protection

Easy and fast to use, spray on and walk away