Diamond Crystal Four™

Fast, Brilliant, Long-Lasting Gloss

Diamond Crystal Four is a special machine brightener designed to use with a high speed buffer set at 1800 RPM. It can be used by hand or with an orbital buffer. The easy clean-up, streak free properties of Diamond Crystal Four make it a pleasure to work with. Use as a one- step to remove light scratches, oxidation and fading or as a second step on compounded finishes.

Diamond Crystal Four will quickly remove minor paint imperfections and light swirls from the compounding process using either a wool or foam pad. It produces a slick, oil free and deep, glossy shine. Diamond Crystal Four contains highly refined, white Carnuba wax and polymer type silicones for the longest lasting protection. The Diamond Crystal Four application can be followed with a light coat of any one of the Ardex premium waxes or sealants.

Use a wool or a polishing foam pad. Apply to a small area, keep speed low (1,800 RPM) and apply light pressure keeping pad flat to the surface.
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Key Features

Safe on all clear coat finishes

Easy clean up

Removes minor paint imperfections