Micro 2™

Microfiber Finishing Wax

Micro 2™ is specially formulated for use with the Ardex Micro Reconditioning System™ for dual action or random orbital buffers. Micro 2™ is a technologically advanced premium microfiber waxing material utilizing the newest technology in polymer emulsion chemistry. Micro 2™ is specially designed as a second step to Micro 1™, but it is also an outstanding standalone finishing product when paint correction is not required.

Use on clear-coat paint only. Apply Micro 2TM after cleaning the car or reconditioning with Micro 1TM. Shake well and work in the shade on a cool surface. Use Micro 2TM with an Ardex AMFP-620 Black pad and work in a 2’ x 2’ section. Set DA Polisher to run up to 4500 OPM, begin with moderate pressure and finish off with light pressure. Some OEM paints will require more initial pressure than others. Ask your Ardex sales rep for more information. Remove any residue with a microfiber cloth.
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