Tungsten Defender™

Not a spray wax, not an optical brightener: A spray-on ceramic fortified coating.

Defender™ was developed using some of the advanced chemistry from our Tungsten Ceramic. Defender was designed to fortify ceramic coated vehicles. Defender also performs great as a standalone product to provide a durable and slick layer of protection to any painted automotive surface. One of our most durable protectants in an easy to apply solution. Developed to defend your car’s surface from contaminants with a remarkable shine and slickness. Perfect for get-ready or used-car details.

Wet Application: Simply wash vehicle and apply a light mist of Defender on the painted surfaces. Dry the vehicle as usual, the product displaces water and leaves the surface slick and shiny. Use a clean microfiber towel to wipe off any residual product. Dry application: spray a light mist on the surface. Defender polishes up to a high shine in 2 – 3 wipes leaving a slick hydrophobic layer of protection. For optimal results, surfaces should be paint corrected prior to application


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Key Features

High Si02 content

Pleasing scent

Extremely durable, even to lot-washes

Makes paint corrected finishes look even better

Easy to use

For retail detailing and showroom presentation