6244 Speedy Brightener II

For Tires, Vinyl and Rubber

Speedy brightener is the fast way to brighten rubber surfaces such as tires, rubber bumpers, door seals and even aircraft deicer boots. It also is excellent for vinyl interiors, padded dash, simulated leather and real leather. Its silicone component will protect the surface from drying and cracking. Speedy is fast because, on most surfaces, no rubbing is required. Just spray it on, let it dry. Drips and runs disappear as solvent dries. Remove from glass, especially windshields, with glass cleaner to prevent smearing. Rinse floors with soapy water to remove build up of silicone which can be slippery and cause injury.

DO NOT USE IN BODY SHOPS. We recommend 6234 Hydress dressing for use in body shops. Speedy produces a rich new look when applied which will last for months. It can also be used under the hood to brighten the entire engine compartment, especially the rubber hoses. If you intend to paint anything under the hood, do so before applying Speedy, then leave hood open until the solvent has dried. DO NOT spray Speedy on a hot motor.
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