Premium Tire Dressing

Hydress is our premium body shop safe tire dressing. Hydress is safe to use and long lasting. Hydress will not wash off like other products. Hydress can be sprayed, or wiped on with a sponge or other applicator. HYDRESS is also excellent for dressing vinyl interiors, plastic, padded dash, door seals, and simulated leather. Use product undiluted for maximum shine, or dilute with water for economy.

Shake before using. Apply Hydress to a clean surface. Wipe onto tire with a sponge or other applicator. No need to wipe off. Hydress can be diluted for use in the interior 50/50 with water. Let it dry for maximum gloss. Hydress can be sprayed on and left to dry. For interiors, wipe on and wipe dry. Engine compartments: Spray on and allow to air dry. If spraying in the interior do not coat foot pedals, steering wheel, or seat bottoms since this can cause slippery surfaces. Always consult Safety Data Sheet for complete safety information.
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Key Features

Body shop safe (NO Silicone)

Great shine

Ready to use

Goes on quick and dries smooth


Pleasant banana Scent