New Concept™

A Premium Dressing for Tires

New Concept is a premium water based dressing. New Concept is safe to use and long lasting. New Concept will not wash off after rain showers or a lot of washing like other water based products. New Concept can be sprayed on or wiped on with a sponge or other applicator. New Concept has been developed for use in most automatic equipment used for applying tire dressing found in car washes. Consult your Ardex representative for proper application in these machines.

Apply New Concept to a clean surface. Wipe onto tire with a sponge, wax applicator or other applicator. No need to wipe off. Let it dry for maximum gloss. New Concept can also be applied by spraying onto surface and let dry. No need to wipe. Before using in automatic dispensing equipment consult your Ardex sales representative. For interiors: wipe on and wipe dry. New Concept will not leave an oily or greasy finish. Engine compartments: spray on and allow to air dry.
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Key Features

Water resistant qualities

Suitable for most automatic equipment

Ready to use

Reduced chance of staining