Superior Water Resistant Tire Dressing and Vinyl and Rubber Brightener

Affinity is an extraordinary water repellant, water-based formulation for dressing tires and rubber. Adrex has mastered the durability of solvent-based dressing in a water-based solution. Affinity uses the highest quality blend of brighteners and polymeric protectants for rubber surfaces such as tires, rubber bumpers and door seals. It’s excellent for dressing vinyl interiors, simulated leather and engine compartments. Its silicone component will protect the surface from drying and cracking. Solvent free, environmentally safe and non-flammable.

Just spray or wipe Affinity onto the surface being treated and wipe dry. Remove from glass, especially windshields, with glass cleaner to prevent smearing. Rinse floors with soapy water to prevent silicone buildup which can be slippery and cause injury. DO NOT USE IN BODY SHOPS.
We recommend Ardex 6212 Super-Natural Dressing or 6243 Hydress for use in body shops. Affinity produces a rich new look when applied, which lasts for months. It can also be used under the hood to brighten the entire engine compartment, especially the rubber hoses. If you intend to paint anything under the hood, do so before applying Affinity. Never apply on motorcycle wheels, seats or foot pegs. Also do not apply to any foot pedals in cars.
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Key Features

Non flammable

Doesn't wash off

Economical to use

No petroleum solvents

Far less likely to stain fascia panels

Environmentally safe